TTO Board Spinners Gone

This is a fucking joke. Much, much more difficult to earn tokens and MT now

You have fucking 100 MT and 1 token spots for the top tier win totals still and now you can’t even hit spinners. What is this absolute bullshit?


I want an option to skip all this stupid ball drops and get the reward asap :joy:

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was only a matter of time. typical 2k lmao

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Yeah, if they’re gonna do this, they need to get rid of those jank ass rewards or make it like it used to be in prior games and have the higher level rewards available from the first win and not always in the shitty spots to hit. Major L.


2k pushing everyone to offline so they can downgrade their servers further and save money.

Economy is tough at the moment


Every time I tell myself I’m going to take My team serious again I lose interest fast gee I wonder why . :joy:

need to put wheel spinners back, get rid of each tier win and just post all we can actually get on the boards and keep the 10 spots and randomize the prizes after each win.


Honestly i hated 2K21 spinners and boards. I hope they keep these boards i liked retro 2k19 boards, but they just have to upgrade rewards. Like rewards are random MT like in 2K19, 4-5 tokens and more packs.



Yeah I agree. However I like the style of it because its faster for us to get to our rewards so we can keep playing I don’t like the fact that we have no wheel spinners at all.
At least a few with something would be nice. We need pack wheel spinners too but that still hasn’t happened.

If you think they did it for convenience think again . they just want to reward people less but grind more another shady move .


@6thManSam I don’t think there’s anyone in the community that’d be happy with this, could we at least have an explanation?


I’m fine with this just because it makes the ball drops straightforward. I’ll lose out on a few tokens if it means not sitting there watching Price Is Right for 12 minutes


I will miss the spinners for sure. I will not miss trying to get that ball in that tight bottom right corner for the main reward.


Ikr that was so annoying


Harder to earn mt but TTO isn’t the best way to earn it anyway. You can make way more mt if you play the market right.

Yeah but it was the one easy way to grind mt by actually playing the game. Sniping is more efficient but I’m not always tryna sit on filters all day


they sure did downgrade to down right unplayable

Disgusting 5 ball drop board. If you gonna remove token spinners at least make the boards better


Wow this mode is now complete trash. It used to be decent for MT and to build up tokens but that is no longer the case.

@6thManSam - Is the motivation here to make it more difficult to earn MT/tokens so we have to rip packs? This is getting ridiculous. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game but unless this is fixed with better rewards I am out of here. Get your shit together 2k.