TTO ball drop is definitely rigged this year lol

I know i can’t be the only one experiencing this. Last year you could kinda set it up where you could “create” your chance of what you wanted to get. This year it doesn’t matter what you do, the Ball just automatically shoots to the worst reward possible. This whole “faster ball drop” is set up lol! Grind TTO to the top just get nothing in the end…are you guys experiencing the same issues?


It should be a multiple choice with all the prizes you could have

Yeah instead it’s the pegged ball drop of death. Those little spinner wheels just toss your ball into a pile of shit every time…never fails


Also its noticeably harder to get the top rewards and they nerfed the rewards altogether.



Yeah man i been grinding TTO and winning game after to game just get dog shit in the end…i used to be able to get at least close to 100 tokens a day grinding TTO…that’s been cut down by 80% now, it’s annoying as fuck

I’m glad they at least sped it up

I feel like the speed up was a trick to make it easier for the Ball to fall in the least desired space. I want the old ball drop back lol

Couldn’t be worse than last year. The ball drops were longer than the games

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The speed of the drop isn’t the issue, it’s the fact that the pegs and the spin wheels are set up in a way where you literally can’t get the better rewards. It’s just a trash set up.

I agree it’s much harderer to get ball drops in best spots this year and a lot of times you see the ball to go in where you want and it just magicly bounces in other direction for no rhyme or reason.

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I don’t know about you but I got around 200 tokens yesterday grinding. :sweat_smile:

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Nice! All from TTO? If so what’s your drop method because mines apparently isn’t working

Yea form TTO and I really don’t have a drop method I kind of just get lucky. I noticed it’s hard to drop the ball in the very bottom two corners on tier 3 and those usually have 5 tokens or 1,000 MT.

I can barely get it into middle slinner on high ball drop it all goes to corner 250 MT ones :frowning:

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once I got 4 balls drop in the same space :grinning:

It happens all the time now smh

I always drop it in the center for tier 2&3. Either coming from the left or coming from the right.

Cyan and ping pong balls name a better duo

This Diamond Brandon doesn’t exist


He exist to me