TTO bad shooting

Anyone else have a dreadful time shooting since the new patch?

Think I’m 1-14 in my last 2 games shooting open and wide open 3s with Boobie, Rip and Steph

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Same. I’ve been extremely inconsistent on wide open shots.

Did they up the difficulty?

That still wouldn’t equate to what I’ve seen though. I’ve blown over 10 dunks in just over 24 hours of TTO. Dunks with Finley and The Admiral.

Good thing about offline TT is they give more MT now. I was getting around 290 a game Thursday now I’m getting 530 easily

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That’s a good positive. They nerfed the rewards though. Makes sense, but still sleepy nonetheless

Lol I plan on playing a lot of TT offline with 3 contract players so the mt will def add up


I may do that now that I have three dudes w Diamond contracts