TT Online: Pink Diamond Marcus Camby on boards and new packs!

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Not sure if this means an update or JR is on boards now. hmm

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could just mean they updated the boards with new packs, mt, and tokens

That’s why i updated the title hmmm

RJ? Really ! WOW So hes not a token card! Damn!

Shake tweeted its not RJ either

someone play a few games of triple threat :joy::joy:

Just won one and the beat thing I got was 3 tokens on my board

I’m playing, I’ll let you know if I see anything new

Its one of those players from the knicks i hear. probably camby bc he got a reward too

most likely the new camby

Shake said he thinks it is

Whose Campy?


Campy Russell maybe lolol

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So wait whose on these boards

Camby :upside_down_face:

Just him… okay playing 19 today for sure lol

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New packs are confirmed on the boards! now finally a reason to play

TTO bout to get sweaty

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Yup and token cards are now out!

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