TT Offline Vault Diamond card

Does ANYONE on here have it or any previous diamond rewards prize from the vault?

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got it once, and i’ve probably won 500 + games by now.

I got Buck once, nothing else 320 wins

Only got dave bing, maybe about 100 more wins after I got Oladipo. On other side, got Griffith 3 times and Evans twice from TTO

Yep, Buck

450+ wins. Buck is the only one I’ve managed to get, but honestly I’d rather have received another Clutch pack or something.

Got buck twice in 160 games

Have Buck Williams, Dave Bing and Brian Winters

I got two dave bing’s. I’ve won 200+ easy with buck as the prize and have not got him.

Last year I had to play 1100 games to get my first vault player. This year I got Bing and Buck in less than 150.

Yeah that’s how I feel too, at least I can sell the contents for mt and continue blowing thru the cheapest with highest xp cards I can gather, accomplish, then drop em like a bad habit. :+1:

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Got Buck, he’s a nice pesky defender and he throws it down the dunk in pick’n roll

Just Brian Winters around win 150 or so. Nothing since and I’m at 303 wins now.

All completely random. 420 games in and no player pulled from TToffline. Best pull was diamond consumable yesterday and of course 1 of the crappiest shoes there is :upside_down_face:

Over 450 wins and got - Brian Winters, 2 Chuck Persons (People?)

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It took me over 700 games before I finally got one (Buck Williams).

Funny enough I got my first ever diamond in buck. I was so pissed because I won a tough game that I thought was TTO but turns out it was offline. My anger faded quick when I got my first diamond.

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Got Buck and two Winters last season

I love this story. :partying_face:

250 wins , no diamond player yet.