TT Offline rewards

Anyone keep getting the gold consumables pack every time they open the vault since 2k updated the prizes yesterday?


Since the players complain about 500mt, we gon give you something even more meaningless :joy: fr i dont need those injury cards man.


Yep basically all I get now. I did get 1 prime pack (or whatevs it is on there) but it may aswell have been a standard league pack considering the garbage it was filled with

Yup. Got that stupid gold pack 4 times. Got 1000mt the other time. They shoukd just give out 5 contracts instead if those stupid injury cards.

I only gotton 1k mt once and every other time it a consumable. They found a way to award us less.


Yeah that’s ridiculous too. Can’t even chuck us a 5 pack for our troubles

This is probably 2k’s way of fixing the 200 odd injuries on cards from the AH. 2k are too lazy to fix it so they pretend to “reward” us with injury cards smh

I’ve not opened the vault often since but I have got 1000mt once and a kg spot pack

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I like how you misspell “gotten”

I got rekt on twitter today for spelling overpaid as overpaiding

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When you got the 1000 wins do you still get rewards as well as the vault ? or do you only get the vault?

3 hours: 13 consumables, 1 spotlight, 3 1k


Wow so people excuse the slang “rekt” over what seems to be an honest mistake. Crazy

They open every time?

every 2nd or 3rd… But it all depends on time… At the end it was like 1 of 4-5… I do 10-12 per hour

Vault opening more often but I’m getting the gold consumable pack most of the time l.