TT grind

With tokens seemingly being updated from 3 to 6 I’m about to grind my soul away for the next few weeks and I had a few questions. What’s the optimal lineup and roughly how long would it take me to get a galaxy opal l? I’ve only just reached the PD board with 100 tokens currently

Tmac Malone wilt. See you in a month sun

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AK, Worthy, Malone. Chuck that hoe up as soon as you pass half court

Big man + 2 shooters. I’m running Dream KD and AK47

Currently thinking about-

We have the same line up lol

I’m selling all my auctionable cards.

I’m done with MTU for the month.

Will be back for new POTM.

24/7 with TTO Offline.

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I was thinking of selling my magic and Larry but I know I’ll want to play MTU here and there so I think I’m gonna keep. Have Webber AK Hakeem Dan Issel Wes unseld and all PD token market players, but I’m not sure if that’s a good enough lineup to compete

I’m selling Durant and Melo.
And keeping a serviceable MTU line up


“Serviceable” :joy:that lineup is sick brother… mrs v must be treating you well


Undefeated first board run

98 magic
98 bird
Opal wilt


KD Melo Sabonis - took be about 15-20 min to clear a board. I think 15 is as quick as I could be.

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Thanks man. Haha no money spent squad :rofl:
Mrs V has so many gifts

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Everyone set a timer see who can cheese the hardest and get a full board done the quickest

I don’t even cheese lol

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The best way possible is to shoot countless trailing threes and make them on a great percentage

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Starting now

The online haul has been insane for me tonight. I have 3 games left to clear the board, and I’ve already gotten 14 tokens altogether (3x4, 1x2). Missed 2 singles.

If you use your #3 position player as a ballhandler in pnr and call a screen, AI 3 will drop under the screen every time.
Larry is perfect for this.

Won’t he get killed by the shaqs and wilts of TT?

Nah, it’s AI.
And since you’re left wide open every time, you can just trade 3s for 2s.
I actually let AI score asap so I can finish the game faster.
Once yoi get takeover, just chuck it from beyond half court.
I used AK, never had any problems.