Trying to decide on the next console

Question: Is the quality of the MTU player different in XBox vs PS?

I was an XBox guy from like 2001 to 2011. During this time, I played alot of PNO and found that the online gaming community was pretty sim. It was very rare that I ran into guys exploiting the mechanics of the game. If anything, then I might have been the most exploitative, as I usually won 9 out of every 10 games or so. When I lost, it was often due to a guy running a player in a way that I just had never thought to do so, and it just expanded my skills and options when I ran with different squads.

I switched consoles to PS4 when I moved overseas. I do not know if I got older or my skills dulled, or if the PS online crowd is just the glitchiest bunch in the world, but I cannot buy a win. o problem, I discovered MyTeam and enjoy the offline grind so it’s all good.

QUESTION: Should I take into consideration the quality of the online gamers when buying my next console? I like the PS because when I travel, I can plug it in anywhere snd play. Not the case with XBox. However, it would be a nice option to play MTU and PNO when I am stateside (which is most of the time), if the online crowd is a bit more enjoyable to match up with.

I do not play many other games aside from CoD and NHL. I used to love Halo when I was on Xbox, and do miss it.

Another option for the overseas issue is to just keep my PS4 and travel with it. Of course, I would not be able to grind MyTeam during my overseas ventures, but I can at least just run whatever- maybe just offline grind in next year’s game when I travel- who knows?