Trump Administration takes control of CDC COVID data

Just saw this… and welp, we’re boned

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So if I’m understanding this correctly, the administration has ability to control the data and can conveniently have less cases reported?


Can we stick to 2k? These kinda threads start so much shit…


Of course…we’ll never know the actual numbers now. He’s gotta hide shit to try and save his next presidential run. IF he would’ve just left shit how Obama left it in the first place, shit might not be like this now.

Last one from me for a while lol.

It more or less gets locked

Yes, your interpretation is correct.

He’s going to cook the books.

Just like they did in Florida for a long time.


And how is this not an abuse of presidential power exactly?

Didn’t even know this was within the grasp of the president’s power

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It absolutely is.

I think one thing we’ve learned over the past few years is that laws and rules are meaningless if no one enforces anything.

Once you have the DoJ at your bidding and your sycophantic political party controls the House and the Senate, you can get away with basically anything.

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This is like the U.S. government taking over Iraq and putting in Halliburton! Dick Cheney was all like Halle Berry, Hallelujah!

Cool all the angry ‘can’t make me wear a mask’ guys will Be happy now. They go back to talking shit about other stuff on social media.

and this whole way they count corona is messed up like if you got in a car crash and you had corona the official cause of your death is coronavirus

Might as well give it to ronnie 2k

it says trump admin not trump

Put that into the title btw


It doesnt matter whos administration it is. Gov’t is WAY TOO BIG. Everyone knows the quote. If the govt ever becomes bigger then the ppl. The ppl shld overthrow that govt. The shit is outta control n somehow we as the ppl need to put an end to it. Trump didnt drain the swamp. He made it deeper. Nows hes gonna cook the corona numbers. Everything govt does rep or dem is a lie and only is meant to further their agenda. Its never abt us n its ashame.

Welp looks like that John Hopkins is our hope for numbers now.

Thx, Halliburton

Yup our deranged president will do anything to cover up facts

this is a crazy idea but you can ignore it

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