True life: am I this bad or is this game just trash

I can’t tell. Sometimes I look amazing then My defense just completely falls apart and guys can’t defend anyone and my off ball defenders don’t know if they’re in the game or on the bench. My guys just crowd the ball carrier and don’t space the floor. Offensive players don’t rotate when the ball carrier is near by. I don’t get it.


Game is shit bro,its not you.


love the title. tons of reasons why things can go wrong and usually that isnt an indicator of how good you are. fatigue, rng, equalizer, etc. are all reasons why you could collapse. i do it all the time and its still crazy to me i can go 12-0

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Nothing weirder than shitting on someone running a God Squad but then next game you get blown out by someone running diamond Dwade lol


in B4 the pArK bOyZ gAnG slaughters you for this comment


mAyBe If YoU sPeNt MoRe TiMe In PaRk YoU wOuLdNt Take Ls


nO mYtEaM pRo’S wOuLd Be GoOd At PaRk

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I think I’m pretty good, not great, and some games I just feel like nothing can go right

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Any of y’all can enlighten me on the downside of running ICE on screens ?

I ask myself this all time, i am currently 8-1 i feel like im terrible
I’m surprised i can actually score when i do because i dont use screens or deep hash like most players i face

My defense is good one game bad the next my team with 99 rebounding and diamond defense coach cant get rebounds over guards, my guards with 99 perimeter defense get blown by constantly if i don’t help

Game is infuriating at times

Lmao so true