True god squads. Early 2k20 game

People love stacked teams. People love stacked teams that other people don’t have. Not only that, but your cards would be different then most of the teams you’d play against online.

Getting stacked team via token market (somewhat kinda confirmed to be coming back in 2k20) not only will give you huge advantage early game, these cards will last you for months. Tons of fun playing, no need to upgrade for months, seems rather more then obvious and good investment. Thoughts ?


I never collect cards. And looking at how they released cards this year Im not sure its worth it.

Only need to grind domi and lock current collections for it to happen, pretty much. Might need to grind some tokens here and there, but you get the idea.

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I agree, I have been so jealous of tokens Melo, Pierce and Mutombo until January