True Detective Season 3 Finale

For those who watched, what’d you think of the ending? I’m pretty frustrated at the way it ended but I also can’t be too mad because of the great acting by Mahershala Ali & Stephen Dorff throughout the season.

I’ll get back to you. I’m on a winning streak in TTO. As soon as someone beats me I’m watching the finale.

Unbeatable btw


Hell yeah keep it up

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As soon as I run my mouth I take a L. Goddamit. I’ll watch now. Hopefully its not a let down.

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It was great acting with an average to slightly above avg story. Smh


I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I’ll expect your commentary after :joy: the ending was just ??

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Gonna watch later cant wait. Agree, great acting but the shifting between time lines did not do it for me. Prob better if it you could have watched the whole thing in one go instead of waiting each week for an episode.

i didnt dislike the end. i think it was a fittimg end. without spoiling anything. Kinda crazy that Deacon Frost cut of Blade’s head though…


Well…it was on track to be better than season 2 with a solid ending. Fill in the blanks…season 2 was better now that its over. I think we’re all waiting for a season to be as good as 1…but thats a top 5 season of any show of all-time imo & won’t be topped. Still 100% worth watching for those who havent.


I thought the end was a little lack luster. I can see and respect what they did, and sometimes life doesn’t have a crazy ending or extra conspiracy theories behind it.

It’s just a little lack luster when compared to the more exciting ends of the first two seasons, but in a nutshell I still enjoyed it.