Troydan tournament

Someone seeing ?

Who playing ?

It’s park , now will be Tio vs Fanta
Top guards on ps4
Of course this is on troydan court but still nice to watch

Poor boy is playing with Fanta

Those guys don’t do anything special outside of a tough player in MyTeam…I dont get the hype. There are only so many moves in this game. It is not that complicated.

but they have pink afros, blue beards, arm band tatoos, and backpacks on!


No my team player can move with a player like them . Not even splash …

I literally know how to execute every dribble move they are doing while watching it. It really isnt that complicated. The one dude was literally just hesi cancelling in different directions and mixing in a crossover here or there.

I’m not talk about annoying or thos youtubers , but Fanta ? Na , my team offense it’s run around with the ball and deep harsh . Tydebo play that way , Isaac too , tjay the same

Waiting on those clips , they quick shot out of nothing with images hedge pnr defense .
Looks but isn’t that easy , with that bait defense of the C

Splash in the 35k tourney told he doenst play on that level with the ball and he is a pro player pg

I think it would be super fun to play high stakes 3 on 3 in the park or even 5
on 5, but come on man. They aren’t doing anything that out of this world.

I played splash once and all he did was high pick and roll followed by the teleport btb and a peek a boo EVERY time. Who cares what he says. I do agree they are better than him. At least they mix in a few more moves.

Looks simple but it doenst , I don’t have face a single my team player that know how to create space and do peaks ( true peaks , not that one that everyone calls peak a boo on my team )

Dude you are acting like this game is rocket science and it requires true talent. Come on its a stupid ass 2K game.

He is just a top notch 2k player ,
Looks easy believe it’s difficult as hell !
I can do everting against bad teams and looks like a God ahah as soon as I go against good pnr defense I barely can find a shot on pnr

Talent I don’t know , but hours of practice ye . I can assure you , I will not win one game against top stage players on 100 games xD
And this is a stupid tournament , it’s not easy to do all this things in real game against good players

Based on your videos Im sure you would do fine unless you suck at on ball defense.

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I can assure that I lost a lot of times against good teams , that are way worse than top stage players like Fanta etc .
I don’t know how to explain , it’s like I have the shot but they bait so much the help and the hedge of the C . It’s like chess , it’s so annoying to play against :joy: and if you don’t have very good communication and chemistry with your C it’s almost impossible .
It’s the fun part of controlling one player , everyone have an ego and we have to find a goal and balance ahah .
On my team normally it’s more easy because a lot of people just off ball , and others normally don’t face this type of game usually and they look lost at beginning but on the other hand to many releases to learn etc .
I like both modes , but I can assure this look easy but it’s difficult to play …
Of course we have those dribble heads steezo type etc , but that shit it’s not effective against pure locks etc

On 3v3 I normally just play corner D and I have a lock guarding ball .
But you need a very good C to hedge on pnr

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