TroyDan is hilarious

You guys see his Brandon Roy pack opening? It is legitimately hilarious.

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10 boxes and no pink diamond lmao.

That’s my luck Right now. 8 moments boxes no Klay. 5 Sig boxes no PD Roy. It’s getting old.


He and Smoove are on opposite ends of 2k’s favoritism list, apparently. Smoove out here getting multiple PD’s per pack opening.

Look, I don’t want to sound like a hater,

but to me, TroyDan has turned into such a joke.

He was way better back in 2k16 and before.

I think he’s just become very aware his main demographic is kids/teens, so he acts like a goof and plays everything up to 11 because they eat that shit up.

It’s certainly working out for him views wise.


I’m looking forward to his eventual review of galaxy opal “Yeye Anus”.

While I agree with that, he’s was much more of a “relatable” youtuber back in 2k16 and before (he grinded to get rewards, played difficult challenges, etc.) , now he’s turned into a money spending freak who plays 2k and is obsessed with Lonzo for whatever reason

I want the old Troydan back (even though I know it’s not possible now)

I think they all were, and have slowly become parodies of themselves (all the big guys anyway) Shit, Smoove is the OG and barely plays the game anymore and just rakes it in from NBA highlights, lol. It’s turned really soulless, but that’s part of being on Youtube in general, I think. You have to do what “sells” for better or worse.

The small guys def. seem more genuine these days.


I agree with the “small guys”, I hate it that this “fame” has ruined some of these youtubers and made them into a joke.

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I don’t know what he used to be like, but this video is pretty funny.

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Watch his 2k15 and 2k16 videos, he is a very different individual than he comes off now

Lmao 2k giving you the WORK haha

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Stop giving your money to them? why the hell are you continuing to give this BS company your earned cash? Stop complaining and quit giving them your money and youll have nothing to complain about. Don’t mean to be rude but it makes no sense to me why people spend so much money opening these BS packs with nothing in return, come on here to complain about it, and then open more lmao

Ever heard addiction?

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Then get help.

Help cost money…

Be cheaper than all these packs lol. Atleast you get something in return

I have 200k vc left. after that I’m done for a while.

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Open zero packs for 30 days. That’s what I did then opened one 20 box for AD…PD AD first pack and then one moments pack last night with MT and PD Klay.

The only explanation is they are trying to suck me back in because I was opening hundreds upon hundreds of packs before and getting nothing.

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