Troubles getting PS5

Has anyone had some shitty luck like me trying to get a ps5? Every time a retailer restocks it sells out in seconds and I don’t think I could ever trust someone enough to buy from a twitter user. Lmk if you guys have any tips on how to secure one

You’re not gonna beat an auto checkout bot


Frrrr bruh its impossible to get one now I swear

Have been trying to cop a Series X for months and no dice.

I’m convinced that it’s impossible.

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Buying directly from PlayStation is the only way to beat the bots. Don’t even try with retailers.


Except GameStop. GameStop rules.

Gamestop says you gotta get their PowerUp membership in order to get early emails when theyre stocking the ps5. But even with the PowerUp im not sure if its guaranteed youll ever get one

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I actually managed to beat the bots I guess and got one from Best buy. Problem was that it was only able to be picked up in another state that I used to live and shop in.
So the PS5 got picked up by a family member over there and I was gonna get it shipped to where I am now.

But then somebody was willing to buy it off of me for quite a bit more than I managed to snag it for , so I sold it before it even got sent me lol

But I used the HotStock app. Ive got plenty alert of stores having stock (3 today actually ) but have still been to slow to getting to the site and checking out due to those damn bots. Its possible to beat them but it probaby takes some luck and having your account/payment methods already loaded up in a few sites that you may potentially get alerts for.

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Follow the restock on Twitter or whatever social media platform you frequent alot. Create an account for all said retailers. Last buy not least setup Apple or Google pay for instant checkout…that is my good Samaritan info can’t give you all the sauce as I also need one by Sept.


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If the whole pandemic never happened last year and place allowed people to go into the store a lot more people would have next gen but since it’s mainly just online shopping for the console the bots rule not a chance anyone can get a nex gen console against the damn bots

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