Trophy Exchange Pack Be Careful

Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, when getting those 15 cards pack where you can pick which team trophy to take, sometimes the pack doesn’t show you if you own the card already. Before opening any make sure you check your collections……sometimes it doesn’t show the cards you already own but sometimes they do, it’s weird. Don’t want y’all making the same mistake lol


They definitely could have found a way to make it less complicated for us. At the very least they could have labeled everything nicely. Don’t label it Elton Brand’s ROY trophy in collections and then have the exchanged card be named something like “SUPER ELITE RARE LEGENDARY HIGHLIGHT EXCHANGE”.

Also if you get a rare exchange card and already have a dupe. You better know which conference you want and what color they are. You have to redeem the exchange right there and it doesn’t say East or West. It just shows one pack is blue(East) and one is red(West). Just another confusing thing that can make you accidently redeem the wrong conference if you don’t know.


Even something as simple as like “oh press square to see what packs you can get these from” would be so much simpler to pinpoint lol

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This is one of the more annoying things about the trophy hunt. At least they could’ve put in an exchange option, like every 2 dupes you pull you can redeem for another random trophy.