Trophy Case / Token / CP / MT dilemma

Went on a spending spree last night while market was down (had 2.3 million) and filled out the Main Event (already had Magic, so just needed Klay), Transcendent (Kobe and Penny), Nightmare (had Artest, so Wall and LBJ), ferocious (Harden and Draymond), Timeless (Dame and Wilt), Ice (TMac and LaMelo) and Fire (Lonzo, still trying to get Giannis without overpaying).

Didn’t pay over 100k for any of them. Only LBJ was 100k and he had an extra C&S HOF. Kobe and Tmac were around 85k, Wilt and Harden was 60k - 70K and LaMelo, Lonzo, Harden, Dame, Klay and Wall all 50k or under.

Still have 1.65 mil.

Now only did this for the tokens. Haven’t locked in any sets yet, but did it for the tokens to get the trophy case out of the way.
Now I’m sitting here wondering if I should lock in, collect the tokens and be done with the trophy case (only need 4 more CP, which is 3k tokens. If I lock them all in I’ll have 3.2k tokens (have over 2K already) or sell back and sit on my MT while finishing the trophy case via the weekly agendas. Just dunno. I only really want Dr J, plus I imagine maybe some of the PDs get an evo or something. Just sick of chasing CPs and trophy stuff, plus the new 2 week grinds are fun so far.

So question, lock in 700k worth of PDs (some good useable ones, Magic, Penny, LBJ, Kobe plus some trash ones) and still have 1.6 mil MT to finish and forget about the trophy case, or re sell back, stack 2.3+ mil MT and do the CPs via the weekly agendas?

I better add, I’m purely NMS )except the preorder VC I spent on a fire box at the start of S2. Don’t buy MT or VC. I do grind.

What would you guys do?

Dr J is only getting “worse” with time. 700k can get you a card that’s better than him. The main advantage of those trophy case cards was they could access any badge while most AH cards were capped, but with today’s drop it seems like 2K is going to be removing badge restrictions on AH cards. Dirk, Harden, and Vince can both get any badge and they have way quicker jumpshots and better animations. If you can get Dr. J for challenges and tokens you already had, that’s cool, but I wouldn’t spend 700k on him.

Keep everyone, don’t lock them all in. Tim Duncan is probably the only card “worth it” right now. Bird tbh isn’t that crazy from what I can see, and Dr J isn’t unique, there’s cards that’ll be just as good. Hold the cards, and if 2K gives the trophy case cards evos, then do it

Yeah y’all are right.
I just to be done with the trophy stuff, but a few weeks moments will save tokens and MT.

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Most of the agenda groups are brainless but they are doable. I’m down to about 27 TT games to finish up for Dr J and Bird. Can’t wait for this to be over.


Yeah that’s my thing, I could do the agendas but I just want the trophy case done and ready (hopefully) for EVOs.

I mean being able to build a team from all the Trophy Case players, all reward cards from event and moments and all packable diamonds available plus:

PG - Penny, Magic, Lonzo, LaMelo, Westbrook, Arenas, Wall
SG: Dr J, Clyde, Jimmy Buckets, Artest, T Mac, Kobe
SF: Giannis, Cinci Powell, LBJ, Joe Smith, Bird
PF: Yi, AD, Kemp, Bam
C: Timmy, Sabonis, Ralph, Dwight, Boogie

Plus having 1.5 Mil MT…

Its honestly tempting.

I wouldn’t do it honestly. You can grab 2 from your existing tokens, one from the next moments challenges this coming Wednesday and the last one from the following set of moments challenges (or by grabbing 250 additional tokens - not that hard, and maybe if you do not manage to collect them all, you can lock one set only)

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Yeah, the voices of reason of you guys has won, for now.

Finish them up with the MOTW.

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If you still require 3 Multiplayer wins for your Trophy Agendas, jump into Limited this week, bit easier to get your wins there as the requirements are 13 players all from the 1 franchise.

I have 6k tokens and still curious if it’s worth to spend 2k tokens (I miss 3 trophy) for larry bird :wink:
Unless 2k will update dark matter cards - it’s not worth to spend MT for it (Vince is better than Dr.J)

the Larry Bird agendas (in the Trophy Set agendas) are pretty easy and give 5 HOFs, 200 tokens, all D shoe boosts and 50k MTs (and 5 D shoes)

the 5 HOFs are 5 picks out of a 15 HOFs pack and include most of the good HOFs

not sure they are worth 2k tokens, but worth considering


I am admitting we are far behind everyone. Completed the West and Duncan. Have basically every trophy outside of the centerpieces with an unopen MOW pack to get a centerpiece or HOF Badge.

I just cannot justify even going for one Trophy in the East. The time it takes doing things that are too often not that fun makes it hard to justify in the face that none of these cards are really good. We do not have an expensive team (in general with the exception of the Tim Thomas lockin) and all opals on our team our reward cards. The AH PD cards (and even some of the AH diamond cards) are just plainly better. The only Trophy cards still on my 13 man team are DM Duncan, GO Davis, and GO Chris Paul, and even these 3 are barely hanging on. GO Drexler, which actually is still my favorite of the 4, just got replaced with AK47 coming in and honestly I am not sure why I just do not stop using Davis since I find so many other cards just as good. Even Duncan I am still considering replacing with Towns/Porzingas since both of their shots are really much much much better so they keep the opponents from putting their center in the paint.

I almost used tokens to by another centerpiece. However, realized for only a little more, can just get an opal flash forward pack where basically any of the players are likely better than any East Trophy player. The Trophy players were an interesting concept the first, and maybe even the second season, but unless there are sudden Animation evolves, I think they are a dead concept at this point in the game. There are just too many other things that are fun or take our precious time to do.

Edit: Took my own advice and got the opal pack instead. Got Dischinger. I think he will be a better player than all of the East Trophy Cards with much less effort. End of day, both son and I are happy with our decision.

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Got the last few pieces of Magic to complete. 15 TT games, win 5 with Series 1, 50 point game, Triple Double and some rebounds of Multiplayer. Then I’ll have Dr J, Bird then his agendas. Finally be done.


He is home. Smashed out everything today, Out Of Orbit is up to date and my 2 weeks annual leave is finished today. Back to work tomorrow. And I completed the Bird Agendas for the HOF badges, 50k MT and all Diamond Shoe Boosts. So glad that’s all finally over.


It’s over. I was worried this week they wouldn’t give us a moments for my last CP.

Didn’t lock in the sets after being talked out of it by you blokes lol.

Just did the weekly moments, so saved MT and Tokens and finally got Larry (who won’t see the court unless he gets an evo). But Dr J will get a run now.