Trophy case card updates

I got Jeremy Lin, he’s avging 25pts a game in unlimited. He’s very fun to play with. I think he’s the best player I’ve used so far.


What about Poole? I’m looking for someone to 3 hunt in TTO for some extra XP. Is his release any good?

I don’t know. He can’t play pg so I didn’t even bother making his copy. Try out his release in Play now > 2kU.

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Is it possible to get 2 Trophy players this season? I already have Lin. I’m going for jermaine O’Neil next. I got the hardest piece to get already which is the Center piece. Just want to know because I’m going on 3 weeks vacation and want to grind for it. I need 4 more pieces for O’Neil

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We are suppose to be able to get an opal by the end of the season so 5 PD trophy players for locking in a division.

They added the legendary and elite franchise moment exchange to the agendas. Not sure if those are 2 of the ones your missing.

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The legendary franchise moment should be the one that was previously only attainable from the 250 online points thing. So if they added those then yes, it should be possible to get multiple PD’s. As long as you get the other pieces. They didn’t add any of those packs to token market, did they?

Idk if this has happened to anyone else but I got a duplicate Franchise Highlight exchange or smth. So I had to either quick sell it or send it to the exchange. So I sent it there and it automatically gave me the East option pack (I don’t think I could choose East or West myself). So don’t quick sell duplicate trophy exchange cards, send them to the exchange.

Too late just quicksold mine last night… :sleepy:

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At least for me it gives the option of a blue or red pack. Blue is east and red is west. So I always pick red since I am going for Opal Anthony Davis.

It doesnt say east or west when you are forced to exchange or quick sell. It does show the colors at least for me.

Edit: And no they havent added the tokens packs again. I still need those for my next pd. I get horrible rng packs. They are always dupes.

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Don’t. His release is atrocious.

i think so. the other ones are from the divisional life time agendas and the center piece.

trying to get his HOF brick Wall to setup my money cheesy 3pt play…

Ah, ok. If you run plays then you don’t really need good releases on bigs.

That has happened to me a few times, including tonight. I wanted to go for Worthy and then AD, but the gatekeeper piece is now sitting in an East option pack.

Feels bad to have that happen after lots of grinding, and I may have to wait until next season to start completing the trophy cases :frowning:

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That is very confusing. The trophy cases are a good idea, but poorly implemented.

I have made enough exchange mistakes that I am going to end up with 3 centerpieces this season and zero completed cases.


I don’t get it. What’s the name of the gatekeeper piece? There was only one piece that we previously could get only one of. But now I think they added some. And if you had a dupe then surely you didn’t use it on the wrong team twice?

FYI do your Daily agenda today. Gives you an Elite Franchise Accolades exchange. If they are going to start putting them on the dailies you have to check those every day.

Not sure who my 2nd pacific division player will be. I dont need peja, I have plenty of SF/PF’s. Nash or Poole I guess. Elton Brand is short so not sure.


Any chance u no how to get a elite franchise accolade?

I always use these three pics from Reddit as a reference.

It says you can get them from progressing through the tiers of one of the 5 modes with a centerpiece, or by progressing toward level 40. I’m not home now so I can’t give any further info.


Appreciate it!! I need the top row middle one it says exchange/token market but i used that one and got one for the east of course. I figured ill just have to get lucky in a pack to get it.

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