Triple threat tokens

How many tokens do you usually get from playing an hour or so of triple threat online?

Depending if u ge token ar all and if so lucky get it


Offline I can complete a Division (5 games) in a bit more than half an hour. I would assume you can play at the same rate online, unless you encounter some good opponent and have a sweaty close match

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is it just me or they nerfed the online triple threat boards? i rarely even get gold packs

There’s zero guaranteed tokens from playing Triple Threat. So if you’re grinding for them it’s probably not the right to be playing, rather Domination if you haven’t completed it yet or Unlimited, at least you know how many you’ll get if you win the right number of games

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nope. i have got a diamond shoes :laughing:

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TT online is very bad if you want tokens, but very good if you want MT. In 10 games which should take about 1-1.5hrs and say you go 8-2 you should get about 20 ball drops. Probably looks something like: 1 Diamond pack with shoe or contract, 1 base league pack, 2-3 badges, 2-3 contracts, 2-3 injury cards and the rest MT pulls. It adds up…plus I find the gameplay is pretty fun this year


bro I wish. I probably have played over 50 games of TT online and only had a diamond pack appear twice. Both times when I only had 1 drop. I also have only ever gotten 1 league pack.

Damn bro that sucks I’ve only played 10 or so games got the :gem: pack w/ 3 balls hit on all 3. :sunglasses:

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So is there at least the possibility of getting tokens from online triple threat or is that offline? I’ve only played a few games so far so I’m not sure if I should keep playing that or unlimited. It would take me a while to go 11-1 or 12-0 in unlimited, so I’m just trying to see if I can make roughly 20 tokens per day if I grind triple threat this weekend. I enjoy the triple threat mode more because it’s quicker and more fun to me.

I’ve gotten like 17 diamond shoes from triple threat lol rarely ever get packs or tokens though

You are guaranteed only tokens for TT offline but theres chances the online board switches and you get tokens but rarely… last night i had two 1 tokens and a 3 token up there soo not really you better off playing offline

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That is unlucky man. I’ve pulled prob 4-5 diamond shoes and 3 diamond contracts. I dont know how many games but not 1000 or anything like that.

I will say…wins getting harder to come by these days…ran into 2 Finley’s out of 10 games yday.

I went against this man with finley and curry and lebron amethyst trying to double me kids are so bad :rofl: and i won with ruby klay pippen and my boy battier

You can get tokens. I’ve seen 1 token or 3 tokens as the possible reward. I hit a diamond contract and a few league packs. It’s pretty rewarding but I would suggest playing it now instead of later because if it’s anything like Pack and playoffs, the packs will be obsolete after a few months. Hopefully they are consistent with updating content and rewards. They have surprised me in many ways this year so hopefully the trend continues

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I’ve played 150 games or so and only gotten 3 diamond packs. Had 5 balls once with a diamond pack and went 0 for 5. Any strategy to the balldorp?

yes release it right above where you want it to go…

Haha thanks. I try to do that but the ball never drops there for me. Just my bad luck I guess

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Yeah that shits random af… sometimes looks good then drop 4 spaces over in the SWEET 100 mt box :roll_eyes:


it’s no guarantee but it sure seems the probabilities are higher closer to where you drop the ball and lower the further away you go.