Triple Threat Spotlight Challenges


A new way to play 3v3 in MyTEAM has arrived, with Triple Threat Challenges! This new single player mode will add Triple Threat to the ever-evolving world of MyTEAM Challenges. Take on some of the best trios of all-time with players in your collection, meet new & multiple Win Conditions, adapt your trio to fit the Challenge Rules, and earn rewards to improve your lineup for every mode in MyTEAM!

To tip-off Season 2, you will find a Spotlight set of 10 Triple Threat Challenge games against almost all of the rewards for this Season. More on those players later!

You can expect Triple Threat Challenges to be the staple of our Spotlight Challenge releases, which will roll out on different days of the week in Season 2. If you complete all of these Challenges, you will earn a player making his MyTEAM debut, Diamond Rafer Alston! Who better than “Skip to My Lou” himself

This pretty cool…Ngl


I like that they have a street ball legend as the reward for the 3v3 mode. Seems pretty fitting.

Knowing 2k though there is a good chance that this is a coincidence


This has me excited and I agree skip 2 my lou is a very fitting reward for this.

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Difficulty is low and you use whatever cards you want at no matchmaking risk

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Games are to 12. This is a easy W


Nice and quick is even better


Only dub of season 2 so far


In this season this TT Challenges replace the normal spotlights?

It looks like it.

It will be interesting to see how many we have to do to get skip.

12x5 maybe?

Silly me I thought we could do the 12 games today and already get refer. Doh.

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Game 4: get 2 blocks
Game 5: get 2 steals

Game 5 2 blocks, KAT only shot 3s. If someone now how to do it tell me please

In triple threat When the other team pg is walking the ball up, fake flop and sometimes the guard will drive in that’s when you switch to ur big man for the block

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I sagged of Hayes and try to get blocks off him. Or sag of KAT with some tall like Yao or long wingspans to get blocks on jumpshots

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Where is Rafer’s stats?

I’m on challenge 7 or 8 and it’s get 10 boards.

Thought this was gonna be an easy one as it’s to 40 pts but I can’t get the cpu to miss with Ralph pierce and curry


Cheesing offensive boards are easy

Run to the short corner with a guard. Call for a screen from the guy you want to get the board. Make sure he rolls, not pop. Run off the screen and shoot a fadeaway BS shot that you intentionally miss

Usually the screener will roll to the rim and seal his man so he is in position for the box out. And sometimes they’ll even switch the screen which makes it extra easy

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This is working but it’s a joke the shot clock isn’t showing up in these challenges. Is it just me?


it is off for some weird reason. I have no idea why lol

Is there something the needs to be done in order to get the “win the weekend” challenges to give XP?

Edit: Nm, saw the other thread.