Triple Threat Spotlight Challenge #9 Double Double

Who did everyone use to get your double-double in Triple Threat Spotlight Challenge #9 (vs. Jaylen Brown, Pat Ewing, and Blake Griffin).

I am a bit stumped as to the strategy. Do I go for pts and assists? Pts and rebounds? I do not think I have gotten a double double in any of these challenges. Thinking of just playing it organically and seeing who has what stats as I am closing in on victory.

I have been using Di Giannis to cheez my way through this torture, and then plugging in either:

Di Artis Gilmore
PD Mikan
Di Bill Ruseell
Ruby Bobby Jones
Ruby Bruce Bowen

I have a NMS budget team, so no Deron Williams, no Klay, no Magic, no LBJ, no 'Nique for me.

I would definitely do points and rebounds. Running 3 bigs maybe?

That’s it. I will do pick and roll with whoever Jaylen is covering and miss intentionally to get O Rebs. I had to do this at the end of the previous challenge just to get 10 total, so yea this could be a bit of PITA.

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Curry with Giannis

lol are you referring to the previous challenge? Yea Giannis dropped 36 pts from the back down/ post punisher. The AI never doubled- it’s like they wanted to expose Steph.

I did Curry and Klay. Scored the 10 with Curry then kept calling pass and screen away and passing to klay for a quick shot as the cpu doesn’t defend it and it’s a wide open

Is pass and screen away a play in the menu?

press L1 to view plays then it is L1


curry(points and assists)

Points and assists, just call the “give and go” option with two guys

I did it with ruby Shaq and got 10 assists and 10 rebounds. I had to nail alot of 3s with token Redick so I jus had Shaq feed him and left Ewing open to shoot bricks.

Is that another play in the menu? I run Bucks 2018 freelance in my 5v5 grind but do not really call anything in TTO.

Yes it’s like the old quick trhu sts just pass the ball and they will cut past their defender

Aight I am going in. Thinking:

Di Giannis
Di Artis
Di Russell

I do not have Steph or Klay.

Run “give and go” from the top of the key. You’ll never lose another triple threat offline game

Good way to get points/assists

If you’re on PS4 I think it’s L1-R2-X


I had them but just could not get that last rebound with Giannis so I lost it. Going to Costco now and will try again later. Anyone need anything? Avocados are $5 for 6!

Can anyone on PS4 confirm the buttons please? I did the same strat that I did to Steph; just abused him in the ;post with Giannis and intentional misses on pick and rolls to get the remaining rebounds but I could only get 9 and hold off the CPU for so long until they closed me out.

Do the strategy I posted. 10 points/assists easy

Right on … so I need to find in the pop up menu where it says “Give and Go”? Same like if I am calling a play or freelance?

WOW that made the game SOOOO easy. I just won 40-28 and I think they hit 2 3s on their last 2 possessions, so the game felt like a blowout. Giannis had like 14 pts 12 assists and Mikan got his career high in TTO (sth like 18 pts). Artis shut down the lane as usual.

Felt like Quick Thru STS all over again from last year.

Thanks much!

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