Triple threat packs been lit this year for anyone else?

I’ve pulled 3 pink diamonds out of these

And countless random diamonds and amy’s.

Walton was like 5 minutes ago so I just wanted to see if this was standard for everyone. Any crazy pulls from triple threat that you guys have had?


I’ve been pulling diamonds and pink diamonds out of the legacy packs, I don’t get hyped but I feel like it’s worth it when one game I make like 10-20k mt

I mean all 3 of these sold for 45k or more. Hell yeah I’ll get hyped making that off a triple threat pack lol

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Pulled one PD, Maurice Lucas when he was still a 100k. Otherwise a lot of nothing.

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Ive played a lot of TTO and only have pulled Dumars.

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Ive played like 2000 games and got one diamond from them lmfao… i got more luck with diamond contracts and shoe packs

I pull maurice lucas out it on stream yesterday

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Best I’ve got was diamond Dominique Wilkins

After pulling Walton I could lock in 200 tokens for about 70k. Is that a wise move? Or just sell Bill for 45ish?

If they update the market, yes. I redeemed all the opals and only run DRob consistently now. Parker once in a while.

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That set is like just under 200k to lock I think. Seems worth it if you value the tokens at that exchange rate. I’d probably hold and then lock or sell based on the market update (if it comes).

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