Triple Threat Online grind questions

First question: How many tokens on average could I get in a 2-4 hour session? Using average players. I have no MT.

Second question: Do wins/losses affect the board? And do prizes get better as you progress?

It is literally all random

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I’m aware, but somehow these guys are at diamond to pink diamond tier without locking sets and I’m just so lost atm

Did you get collector level tokens for a 1000 cards? Did you finish domination? With that and token codes throughout year, should’ve gotten you into at least diamond if you redeemed the bare minimum per tier to advance.

The first domination yes, no i haven’t committed to collector levels all year

I’m at my 8th amethyst with 21 tokens saved up

That’s probably how. Lots of tokens in domination and 250 tokens for collector level. Should be able to do it pretty cheap with mostly non-silver cards, jerseys, etc. you also get cards for doing dominations to get collector level.

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I’ma have to start penny pinching my Mt lol

Regular domination gives 98 tokens, fantasy 143, and all time 178. So total of 419 tokens for dom. Worth it to do it.

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If I finish fantasy I’d be able to get a diamond, so I guess i got another long grind ahead of me lol

Do dom and then triple threat offline. play offline for an hour day get 18 tokens or Play how ever long you feel like it, you can easily get 36 tokens per day if your grinding… then locker codes, moments challenges (when they’re up)

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When you start playing the historic pink diamonds they hit so many contested shots it’s insane

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Just get Richie guerin(only cheap HOF difficult shots/limitless card I can think of) and use screens. THey go under the screen everytime. Then he gets takeover (sharp/shot) and you can literally pull up from half court everytime or Justin use the screen method

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