Triple Threat Offline on PC Continually Crashing

Any other PC players here that have issues with crashes in Triple Threat Offline?

I’ve probably lost about 40 contracts over the last few days due to TTO crashing as it loads in. I’m on a great specced computer with a fast internet connection. Also checked for file integrity using Steam and it came back clean.

I’d just stay away from TTO altogether but I happen to enjoy mixing it in.

On console, pinned challenges crash games. Unpin everything and then load a game.

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the game has had terrible crashing problems on PC.

are you playing in full screen mode (not windowed or full-screen windowed), if not, make sure you are.

try loading into freestyle before going into TTO. that’s solved it for me, but you have to do it each you load up the game.

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Sorry but how do you pin challenges?

Thanks for the ideas guys. I tried everything suggested but it still crashes every time. Guess I gotta look for another game to play because I’m not buying more contracts just to flush them down the toilet via crashes.

You can choose challenges you want to track your progress on (good idea in theory), but 2K screwed up its coding, so pinning them causes in-game crashes.

Where and how do you unpin?