Triple Threat Offline on next gen is the worst gamemode ever made in 2k

This shit is terrible. Games takes forever. You can’t shoot consistently with regular players, you can’t cut to the basket, you can’t run plays. The only thing you can do is run pick and roll.

Give us Y cut back so we can pass this shit easily like we did in current gen.

I’m grinding XP. Reached 25 wins and I’m bored of this. It’s fucking terrible

End of the rant. Feel free to do it you too :slight_smile:


Just get an Amy Herro and pull up every possession, I generally shoot 7/8 - 7/9 off stop and pop 3’s. Takes about 5 minutes a game


The best (only?) way to win consistently is to get someone that can hit leaning threes at a high rate

It’s so stupid that they got rid of Triangle/Y cuts and Give+Go, makes games take forever. I just switch back to current gen usually for offline grinding

The worse thing is that they took out play calling too

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Yeah this.

Why does the ball roll away after every basket?

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It’s the worst game mode on any console. The cpu cheating is ridiculous.

Broken animations- your player has rebounds bounce off their head into the waiting arms of the cpu, players do reverse layups into defenders, dunkers do this weird gather move that turns into a heavily contested layup instead of an easy dunk

And the ball gets stuck behind the fans

Yes, absolutely. But not possible while grinding XP for some players. I really want Embry too but this is so annoying

If you see diamond Petrovic, save your controller and quit

Just got killed by Rudy T, Amy Noah and ruby Parrish- they didn’t miss. Noah hit a 3

Yes you can’t cheese the CPU on every possession so the games take longer. I’ve found that using a Diamond or PD 3-point shooter with 2 Golds makes the games go by faster.

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Gold Marcus Smart torched me for 13 tonight. He was 5-5, including three green threes. What pisses me off is that I could never do that with a similarly mediocre card. CPU just plays perfectly every game, so unless you’re just jacking 7 threes to end games fast, you cannot make any mistakes. It’s been very hard to get the xp for points in the paint for this reason. I lost 4 straight today grinding layups, dunks, etc.

A month ago, I was dying to get xbox series x and try out new Gen gameplay. But all this talk about y cuts being gone has me hesitant. Heck, I call Y cuts like every play. I think I’m gonna wait and stay on current Gen. (Not like it matters. New xbox cannot be found in northeast USA)

Yeah I had my eyes on 2k for next gen , not so much now

Pretty easy just hitting 3s with Ruby Steph, Amy Herro, or Amy Mo Pete if you got him. Throw in 2 bronze or silver players and it’s quick.

I’ve been doing any layup or dunk challenges on Xbox One instead of Series X which is completely ridiculous considering they’ve had over a month to add a basic give and go setting. Pathetic on 2ks part.

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If you need only scores and finish game fast. Use you favorite shooter, run to 3pt line, flick stick leftdown/rightdown and pull 3s. It open or wideopen shoots

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TToff on next Gen can really be a pain in the a**. Some games i win easily, some games get me really frustrated. I am not the most skilled player but still average/good i would say. Shooting seems to be luck from game to game. mostly blow by dunks to win the games. Grindin XP in TToff is not that easy an on current gen. If you need to grind 3s for XP i recommand to do it in Spotlight Challenges Triple Threat games with 50 or 60 Points needed. Its pretty easy there.

I shoot 3s with Curry. It is equally fast and equally easy to get Ws. It is not as easy to get LOTS of easy rebounds, dunks layups. Those take a bit longer on comparison to current gen. (taking those triangle cuts is the obvious reason for it).

You are tripping. Like me I am sure most have relied on pass and screen away along with backdoor cuts on current, but next gen is literally just as easy you just have to change the gameplan.

You cant shoot on TTO offline next gen? Thats really strange because Im going 7/9 type shit on leaners with jaylen. Most of the time you can just run right passed some one on the sideline and dunk the ball. Like I promise it is dummy easy. I got popped more on current by the CPU.