Triple threat offline board 7

I have just started playing this again and i feel like there is always one team on the board i get killed by: rebounds fly past me, wide open shots brick and good shot defense means nothing

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I got 30+ tokens today playing online and missed on bunch tho. Unless youre bad playing online or hate it, i suggest to swith out.

How long did you play for? The boards are awful for me online

I have issues with lag online, every minute or so i have about 10 seconds unplayable…unless the rewards are still good losing?

I have been banging the drum about board 7 for a while. I’ve finished it twice, but it sucks. Cheesiest junk ever.

There is no game mode that I’ve missed more open 3s on. Gave up on the Spurs Kawhi, Gervin, Duncan team

Its erving, kidd and carter that is killing me

anytime I got stuck, I’d go with emeralds and sapphires. I was running emmy Mo Pete, sapphire Raef and Daniel Gibson for a while. Seemed to work better than running ammys

I will give it a go…sometimes it feels like there is no point in getting better cards

I feel that in 90% of TT games, the first player to 10pts loses that game. Like I’ve been sitting on 18, 19, 20 points and will miss dunks and shit. Meanwhile the opponent is hitting outrageous shots.


Yeah, once you hit 17 points or so you miss everything and your opponent hits half court 3s.


Ok, so it’s not just me lol. I swear almost every game is either me being up 19 to 8, and then my opponent starts playing like a freaking god walking among us, or it’s the opposite and I make a 12 point run at the end of the game. I’m not seeing a lot of middle ground games in TTO… they all feel, um, quite player engaged.


Exactly. You’re completely helpless for the rest of the game. You gotta sweat it out and hope the cpu finally let’s you make a shot, and if they do let you it’s the hardest shot you’ll ever make in your life

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What is the reward for board 7?

3 measly tokens

Really… Thought it be more.