Triple threat glitch

Anyone else played someone and have the game glitch soon as u start the game and all u can do is quit the game and get a loss

Yep, experienced the same thing 2 or 3 times…I always had the lead and was about to win, then the menu popped up out of nowhere and I couldnt get back to the game…I could just quit and got the L…

Whenever you guys encounter that just wait and you’re gonna play the game. Im a very stubborn guy so ill never give the satisfaction of a free win to a glitch using loser

I’m 99% sure this is when the opponent takes the batteries out of their controller. It doesn’t count as a pause in TTO and just goes to the pause menu indefinitely. I had one asshole dragging this out forever and I did not quit. I reported him and force him to play the game and I destroyed him.


Happened to me a few times. Just went through it again not to long ago. Finally decided to wait it out & the dude resumed the game. So I’m assuming as long as your on that screen the person your playing is sitting on that screen as well. It sucks, hopefully it gets fixed soon.

Happened to me twice yesterday. When it happened, both times I did the same thing to them and they both resumed the game. Not sure if it cancels it out or they see same thing on their end and freak out, but I was able to finish both games.

Lmao ima try that.

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These people are absolutely spineless. I tried to get one to play and even after telling him I’d report him he stuck to his guns. I hope every single one of these people get banned. It’s even more frustrating because quitting out this year just throws the whole game out of whack and kicks you from the server for some reason. Not to mention temporary bans that aren’t deserved. This needs to be a priority on the next patch.

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If I was forced to quit, I would dashboard out so I don’t get any warnings or bans.

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One time when the pause menu popped up in tto and I could not get out of it, I think I clicked on box score or something and it let me back in.


Currently being glitched by Siatally. Anyone else play him? Dudes team name is Berlin Quit so I’m guessing he’s been doing this to everybody…

Ya I actually got a warning because someone glitched me and I actually quit, figured he had the same screen, luckily I had like 8 wins in a row

There’s a guy on the euro server pause glitching every single game. I’m so tired he already did it to me like 5 times. Please someone spam his messages or something, I just want to play the game. He’s currently doing this shit to me, his name is Kanzlars.

Lol i know tgat dude. He did it to me 2-3 times. He runs 3 reward diamonds if im not mistaken

I’d be fine with zero new content until this bug is fixed. It’s killing TTO…