"Triple threat bonus tokens" reward doesn't work?

I’m not getting any tokens. Anybody else?

Also I’m getting 100 mt from the vault (4 times in a row) and this amount is not even on the list of rewards. Smh

Token bonus happened to me too, man :confused:

You mean you didn’t get any either?

Yeah. I was bummed because 2 tokens wouldve given me enough for another token reward

I got them yesterday. Vault only opened once for me but I got 7 tokens instead of 5.

Was it after 4 pm? if so its because it was out of the times mentioned on it

Not sure if you guys are aware but it’s only 2+ tokens for any you win from the vault (so if you got 5/10 it’ll be 7/12)

This got me too as I thought I was gonna just get 2 tokens per win


Ah, so that’s the case. Ok, thx.
We still shouldn’t get 100 mt though, but whatever… I was getting only 500 mt before that anyway.

You are not saying the vault opened 4 times in a row!?!! Do you? Because if it did imma move in with you.

Lol no, 4 times in like 15-20 games. I just got 100 mt from all of those 4 openings.

That happened to me yesterday. 2000 MT total.