Travis scott jordan 1

Anybody get lucky enough to cop a pair of travis scott jordan 1? I had a team on the grind for them… I guess the bots prevailed.

Nope. Got the payment info error repeatedly. The SNKRS app is garbage. Only hope for me with limited releases, is when they drop in my city.

I didnt even wake up for them. Whats the resale going for now that theres an actual release

Same here and it eventually went to pending then sold out.

Resale is $800+

Still? Damn i shouldve put alarms i had a backdoor too :sob:

Back door?

I got em

SNKRS app?

Ugly as hell though I pass :nauseated_face:

I was just going to resell. That’s $500+ profit, easily. Assuming you use a platform like Goat, StockX, etc.

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Yeah i was gonna flip them they ugly af


Yeah I got em through SNKRS. I fw them though. I’ll be keeping for sure

Which laces? Personally the black looks best to me.

I got x3 pairs total.

2 from his official merch site and 1 from SNKRS.

Did he drop on the merch site today as well?!

this next cuh. my bot goes crazy :triumph::triumph::triumph:

I’m not gonna front those looks hideous just my opinion though.

I have a couple bots for sale if you are looking.

What are you using right now?

sup bot for supreme is nice and easy i dont have a good computer to run a good bot there and im almost never on my computer anyways

What’s your success rate on there?