Transferring MT

Do i need two PS4’s on different wifis to able to transfer MT? I have two ps4 but only one internet connection. I could use my phones wifi hot spot tho.

You need to do it at a friends house.

Its by IP address i think…

So i can use my wifi hot spot on my phone right

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Not quite sure, might have to be different PS4 and different IP.

If u use mobile hotspot u should be fine. But if its the same ip no good

Don’t need two different WiFi’s just two different xboxes I did it last year in the same house

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Are you guys sure? Me and my mother transfer all the time, and our PS4s are on the same WiFi. I know for sure that it doesn’t work when it’s on the same system.

Your mom plays 2K? That’s awesome!

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Fair. Ive never had two in the same household. Guess its based on console. Not ip. I stand corrected

It worked with two ps4s. Same wifi (IP). Thanks guys.

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I meant to say brother, I didn’t even notice that! :joy:

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You can do 2 PS4s next to each other- same wifi on the same TV.

what’s the safest way to transfer (like what cards/prices) for lowest risk of ban

dont do rubies for 100K

was thinking ammeys for like 50k?

I’m doing 25k ammys just to be extra safe. I already got banned once, not gonna happen again

smart, thanks man