Transfer saved data to another ps4

Anyone know how to do this

I downloaded the files from the cloud onto my PS4 and there still aren’t any files

Try redownloading the files from the cloud to the PS4. The go to your game save data folder and check the folder for the game to be sure it’s there.

Yea idk man they are there in my system save but when I load up the game it’s not there it’s weird

Are the saves yours, or under another username?

As long as the game is updated and the profile is the same it should work.

Is the account set to your ps4 being it’s primary console? That may make a difference

Connect the PlayStations with a lan cable

Another users I’m using his account tho

I am lol

Ahhh I’ll give that a try

Idk if it will work but it’s worth a shot

this shit is weird man this never happens i mean its on his ps4 but i cant get it on my ps4

You have to download the save while you’re under his profile.

lol yea bro i was on his profile

Idk…I have my saves on multiple PS4 systems and they work fine as long as my profile is the main one that I’m under at the moment.

Sounds weird but does dude have ps+? Cloud doesn’t work if ps+ is expired.

Also did he 100% upload it properly?

yup he has ps plus thats where i downloaded the files from

Hmm then idk man

yea man idk either but thanks man

Hopefully you can get it working bro

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This picture shows I have the data on the cloud

Uploading: DD6D2ECF-36F6-46A0-A5EE-2A62D4210B30.jpeg…

This picture shows I have the data on my system storage

But then it doesn’t show on the 2k applications ?!?!

Like bruh wtf why is ps4 so damn difficult bruh.

@BooPainter would you know what to do since I know you’re a park player maybe you know grinders that ran into this problem