Trailblazers/Wizards Throwback Discussion

I guess there will be PD Alonzo Mourning and PD Nash…

If it’s Trail Blazers it might be Bill Walton PD Diamond Sabonis

how about Bulls and diamond D-Rose?

PD Nash is very probable

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D rose has a Anniversary version sitting on

Big “L”

Sabonis or Nash? Inmediatly add to my team. Doesn’t matter if they are slow, undersized PG, or white guys. I want to run with Nash like he runs crossing the paint all day.

I need a Sabonis tho, the market is too dry now !


Yea he’s not gonna be a comp player but the cards gonna come out either way

We need some PD legends like Sabonis, Nash, Reggie Miller, etc.

Sabonis Clyde the Glide.

don’t think they have reggie miller’s rights

So selling big z has to happen before sabonis drops correct ? Should tank big zs price ? No ?

I know,it’s a pink diamond. but knowing 2k, they can make another diamond young d-rose to make some more money.

PD barf. Unless it’s sabonis.


PD Sabonis Please with Hof Dimer at Center

Give us Wade you fucks


“you fucks” :joy:


I’m keeping Big Z as I figure Sabonis won’t have as good defense. Sabonis will be better passing and might have some better badges but it’s basically gonna be the same player.

We Want Oden!!!

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