Trae Youngs a bust

Dude cant hit the side of a barn. Hes like 1-12 again. Gonna be even sadder against real nba players. Hawks are gonna regret that trade for a long time.


I agree

Jimmer 2.0

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I’m just glad that he wasn’t available when my Hornets picked, but then they pissed me off by trading away our future PG. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander would’ve been perfect next to Kemba.

GMs need to realize there’s no next Curry, he’s one of a kind.


Your Hornets passed on a ton of picks a few yrs ago from the Celts. You prob wouldve ended up with the picks that ended up being Brown/Tatum. Ainge really wanted Justice Winslow but you guys wanted Frank Kaminsky even more :joy::joy:


Damn Atlanta was depending on him. Shame

Yall dodged a bullet there

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Exactly. This isn’t 2k where everybody has HOF Limitless.

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He’s not that bad tbh. He’s a shooter and you can get cold esp if you just entered the NBA and have all this pressure. I’ve seen him play and if he’s confident enough to take the shots he’s taking then I believe he will hit them efficiently eventually. Other then that my man is an amazing passer. His defense is ass though lol.

Trust me…I know. Hopefully Mitch can change things for us.

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Yeah probably too early to call him a bust. Lonzo started off really rocky too. Actually he was awful.

Still is tbh


It’s hard watching as a Atlanta fan

Doo Doo Ball is bad though. His shot release is worse than Fultz’s.

He wasn’t that good in college. He was just the best player on a bad team.

I agree @Nay @daruler022 I’m just tired of get bashed for saying Lonzo wasn’t good last year. He may improve tho. Just gonna have to wait and find out, but as bad he was in the regular season he was worse in the summer league. Zo has been developing really slowly and his and his fathers off the court antics are aggravating too.

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Thank god cavs got Colin Sexton the 2019 rookie of the year

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Lol they want a defensive liability and picking an even worse defensive liability when they have dennis whose arguably a worse defensive liability in a league where most pgs have 90+ overall ratings.

Maybe not rookie of the year playing on that squad. Roty will be either that kid from the Grizzlies, Doncic or Deandre Ayton. Sexton is the truth too tho from what I’ve seen.
Soo much talent this year… porter, Bagley, Bamba…etc