Trading my FIFA20 Coins for your MT (PS4)

Trading my FIFA20 Coins for your MT (PS4)

No sorry I’ve always traded 2:1 mt:futcoins / mt has no value compared to FIFA coins

I’m trying to get rid of fifa coins not get them lol

600K FIFA coins back In stock.

Still looking for your MT if anyone is interested in a deal.

Same here 500k ps4

I love how you guys using my thread for your own ish :joy:

I mean it’s a 2k forum so I don’t wanna open too Many fifa coin threads lmao

Just saw this thread…

Anyone who would exchange his MT for FIFA coins?

If I sell my FUT squad I should get something like 7 million fifa coins…

FIFA is actually really good this year but I’m getting bored.

PS. I would have to buy 2k20 first since I boycotted it :joy: and I’ll do it only if I find someone for the exchange since I’m not gonna spend a cent on MT or VC

Just pm me if interested

wow and I’m struggling to buy gold Ronaldo to maybe finish my squad

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Ronaldo isn’t that great this year… just buy yourself a Messi :grin:

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Nice! Look, this is why I want Ronaldo, maybe an Icon for chemistry, but maybe after winter rating refresh his price drops and I can buy

If anyone needs fifa coins for PS4 hmu I have 470k and sold the game so no need for them

whats the rate?

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