Trading my FIFA20 Coins for your MT (PS4)

Trading my FIFA20 Coins for your MT (PS4)

Sup guys,

I have 250k-1kk Fifa Coins to trade for you MT.

PM me if youre interested in a Deal.

Have a blessed day y’all

So FIFA is that bad this year?! :laughing: This is the first year I didn’t buy it. Last year was it for me.

Wish i picked Fifa instead Cod.

What would be your conversion rate? Out of interest.

Make me an offer - depends on how much coins the other side wants for a trade

Are you on XB1?

Havent played much Fifa since 13 and i remember opening packs like crazy and never got a top 3 card all year lol.

Packs odds on FIFA are way worse than 2K high key

Added console


Don’t really want to make a new thread for this, so thought I’d jump in here, but if anyone is interested in swapping some MUT coins for MT, hmu.

Have a pretty stacked team on MUT from early on in the season (SS Mahomes, SS Gilmore, LT and more) that I haven’t touched.

On Xbox here.


Still in hope :smile:

what’s your rate?

check PM buddy

1.2 Mill gone

400k left - I’d take MT or 49€ for 400k tax covered

I’ll sell you my fifa coins

Hi, me to o. I have 1.5kk fifa coins to change fot MT or to sell on the PS4 just DM me.

If anyone just wants to buy fifa coins I have a bunch

Willing to exchange 500k fifa coins 1:1 for mt