Trading 2k20 MT (PC) for MUT Coins (PC)

If anyone has MUT coins for Madden20 on PC and wants to trade for NBA2k20 MT hit me up.





Why don’t you just sell your PC MT and then go and buy Mut coins for PC?

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I really thought this could be easier but i was wrong :slight_smile:

Yah, looks like you have been trying for a month. Honestly there isn’t many PC gamers that buy MT and the chances of them having MUT to trade to you are pretty slim. If you were on Console XB1 or PS4 then you would stand a better chance of finding someone that has both games and is willing to trade with you. On PC though its a very doubtful. Best thing to do would be to sell your PC MT and then buy MUT from a trusted seller that sells it.

I would barely call it trying, I bumped it up like 4 times :slight_smile: I just thought to start a thread in case anyone wanted to trade. If not its all good, not a big deal. I sold some mt a couple of times but thats about it. Didnt even think of selling more to buy MUT tbh.

You should ask in Discord (Madden on PC channel). sent you the link in PM