Trading 2k19 mt for fut coins (ps4)

Selling 500k ps4 mt for fifa ultimate team coins hmu if interested

Can’t take coins on Fifa, they are way more clamped up on banning people

Damn ok

Would love to do that tho I’d so trade some of my mt for Fifa coins as well but They’ve been known to ban even 10k sells lol, harsh af

Thanks for the heads up man didn’t know a company could be more stingy than 2k lol

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That’s weird seeing as how they host people who promote coin sellers on madden lol

No worries bro they used to be a lot more lenient till coin buying/transfers just pretty much broke their auction house so now it’s impossible lol

Yeah and also they will feature Fifa you tubers who will have millions of coins on their accounts like from where lmao

How long of a ban we talking about tho

Yeah I’m confused how you get coins In fifa idek what to grind or anything im clueless

They usually instead of banning either just take the coins away or delete your ultimate team so it’s pretty much equivalent to a ban

Damn 2k looks saintly compared to ea lmao that’s crazy

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First of all if you’re just starting to play, go onto the ea catalogue when on the main menu in ut, (R3 on ps4) and buy one of the match boost coins it’ll be like 1000 x 15 games, they will earn you more coins after each game you play to allow you to build up coins, secondly play some squad battles games (offline games) choose whichever difficulty you’re comfortable with and then play them, you will earn coins after the match and also move up in a reward system where you will earn packs and coins

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Also I’d suggest going on YouTube and there will probably be some getting started/early coin making tutorials to help you out bro :sweat_smile:

Thanks lol I’m clueless I’m pretty trash but I’m trying to get better are single player seasons worth playing or nah

No worries bro, I’m not actually too sure about the single player seasons as I only play online, I don’t know what the rewards are for playing them but I think anyway it would be a good start for you to play as the games are offline and will help you improve and build a better team without been thrown into the online modes!

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True I’m getting my ass kicked online rn. Does playing with the same team a bunch get chemistry up or something else

Chemistry is based on how the players link, they get different kind of links based on if they’re the same nationality, play in the same league, for the same club, and players will play at their best if they are on 10 chemistry

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