Toxicity in MyTeam community

I was just trying to play a chill multiplayer challenge at 2 AM and got matched up with this instead. Full court presses, off ball, runs the same 2 plays (had the same playbook as me so it was easy to stop) and he was just trying his hardest. He also had Magic, Duncan, GHill, and Larry Johnson on his bench. I ended up destroying him, but at the end of the game he decides to burn all his timeouts, use his timer, and intentionally foul… all over a multiplayer challenge at 2 AM… sad

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Ak47 at PG is pretty toxic lol but I get your point


How are you complaining about Giannis at point when you’ve got AK47 at PG and Hedo at the 2? Lol. Tighten up.


Aren’t you the subglitcher from 18?


OH yup you are. Yeah wrong place to ask for sympathy.


That’s exactly why I run him at PG, everyone uses big PGs and I try to revolve my team around defense and scoring off that a lot. And I don’t have a problem with him running Giannis at PG, his playstyle was aids tho

I literally didn’t complain about Giannis at point. You can’t read correctly

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We should play. You’re on XB?

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He’s PS4 and he subglitched lmao so.

Nah. I’m on PS4

That’s too bad.

Sparred him from an ass beatin.

So you’re dodging the subglitching comment meaning you’ve done it?

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That’s what weak kids do when they can’t win.

Pretty much always down for a friendly on here tho. MyTeam’s been pretty dry and boring after you go 12-0. And I’m already 11-0 for January

I would play, but I don’t have a PS4 unfortunately.

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Still ducking the subglitch comments.


There is no PG and SG on the court! :rofl: MySF


:joy::joy: I wish they penalized people for running players out of position or just didn’t allow it at all. It’s sad that I can’t use my PD Stockton without him being a liability, so you gotta fight cheese with cheese

I honestly wish you were banned for bein a subglitcher last year. That’s lowest of the low