Tourney gate 2019

this tops everything they have done in the past year from taking everyone’s lebrons to a million hardens being pulled at a time…


Yeah its on the mount rushmore of 2k shenanigans

What happened?

And card being dupe 2k16 … evety as h refresh lot up 500 lol

what I miss?

No one can get into tourney games

Nah, nothing tops taking Lebrons from kids on Christmas.


Can someone post in here if you get in?

Man I hope they open up the tourney for either tmrw or next weekend. I don’t think I’ll win but I’m looking at these prices noticing I missed a great time to sell some cheesy cards

No this is worse than taking a card, you have people trying to win this thing, guys out there taking off work on saturdays to do this, people who already qualified that are trying to change their seeding…


It’s over now. They’ll have to repeat this qualifier.


Taking Lebron on Christmas and then giving out the PD locker code that made all Anniversary cards worthless.

No it’s not. They’ll just repeat this qualifier tomorrow or next saturday and that’s it. Taking Lebrons from kids on Christmas (not me, personally I don’t care) is some cold blooded, dark shit bro. It will never be forgotten.

But of course this is a huge failure too.

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U giving 2k credit just ignore it not fix now

Sound like the same thing booster and booters do in the stage events and ruffle events. This is what they doing now for the my team tournament :joy:. This game never cease to amaze me with the fuckery.

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Something likely crashed with their system. Maybe there was bad code that thought today wasn’t an actual qualifier day. It happens, but if they give a RIP they will just move the qualifier to tomorrow, or more likely, next sat.

shit happens but over an hour with no update on the issue / resolution is a slap to the face

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It gives all the cheesers more time to find their next Turk lol

Thats what im saying. At least acknowledge it

Taking a player that we weren’t supposed to have giving us diamond shoes back and a pd player and free mt wasn’t that bad