Tournaments Xbox one

Anyone doing any tournaments for Xbox one kinda bored of MTU.

Or friends only game don’t matter

I’m doing wagers :laughing:

Im gonna set up a tourney this week for the box

I’d like to be in it whenever u set it up

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Shittt how much

Any amount preferably over 100k

I hope the only requirement is that u have to on ball

Hmmmm interesting

On balling plays and pnr? TUFFFF

50 k?

Almost every comp player offballs… but they don’t just sit on the center they do it anticipating your next move… can’t have that restriction on a tourney

No I get that. That’s different I mean the typical off baller who just off balls with the center

That person prolly just also calls a pnr every play and just hides behind screens… on playbwith friends you can get away with way more doing just that but in a mtu game with the difficulty up it’s easy to stop

Yeah, we all know


Is the difficulty with play with friends on all star now or pro?

Pro. It’s not worth playing. 80% 3pt every game

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I think it’s pro… either way it lets both players get away with so much more… it’s whatever both people have to deal with it so it’s not something to complain about

Mad trail cheese I assume

Ppl with base 11, anyone with limitless, can be the mot frustrating thing about pwf