Tough Choice

Deciding on if I want to do new Magic and PD PG or if I want to spend that MT on Kobe, of course my boxes were filled with garbage

What is your line up? and MT.

Magic is Great for Value

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PD Gilbert is on the AH and I have some other cards so after selling I should have 600K

Yeah Upgrade Magic you dont need kobe and pg

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Thats a nice squad. Id go w new magic n move ghill outta there

Thanks man, I was thinking of having
Depending on matchup I don’t know though, I guess I’ll see how much MT I have after everything sells, maybe do new Magic and Kobe

New magic is considerably better. He BANGS the 3s lol moving shots no problem. Rip city too. Even more so than the other one. Maybe im trippin. But it feels like it

Yeah Magic and Kobe is good too.
I’m not impressed with PD PG.

Is MJ locked? 500k at the end of the bench seems to be a little wasted imo. How many minutes does he play?

I sometimes use him as my bench 2, but yeah he’s locked, he’s a TTO favorite more than MTU