Total # of cards/tokens do you get from all of dom?

Total # of cards/tokens do you get from all of dom?

Curious to find out how many total cards we get and amounts of tokens from all of domination. Anyone know exact amount??

Who’s already got thru all time? Why does the interface of all time Bulls shows the all time Bucks players :joy: Is it glitched?

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i think thats something like 700 tokens

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Yeah theres a few i think already. im only 7 games through the first but thats because i havent gotten much time to play lately due to power outages. id be done the first one probably right now

Maybe @Knezius has an idea


285 from all time dome 30 teams cant see rewards for last 3. 159 from historic also cant see last 3 teams and 36 from 20’s dom so that’s 480 tokens + 6 teams of historic and all time that i don’t know how much they give.


Dope ty. This is gonna be a grind. Was gonna go for ibaka / wilkins first but didnt realize that they are from offline not online…

McAdoo is pretty dope also got his speed to 82 with a coach so that’s not to bad and he can post spin a lot of dudes at PF and got serviceable post fade, since his relatively fast he can outrun tons of dudes on fast break.

What does each tier cost token wise? Saph is 6, ruby is 12 or 15? Amy is 30? Diamond 60?


Yah 6, 15, 30, 60.

You need 12 of them starting ruby to unlock other tier rather 10 like last year and 8 PD’s to unlock Opal instead 5.

Nice so basically well be able to get a diamond or two by the time we finish each domination board seeing as im already half way thru saph

I also did 350 cards that got me Kidd and Walter Davis and some nice extra tokens also locked 4 sets so things looking smooth for me right now :slightly_smiling_face:

Ya i still gotta lock an east and west. By this time next month my team will be real nice.

Now i just gotta decide if im selling melo or holding on to him. Leaning towards holding as o think hell rise past 100k once these packs r gone

im only done one division so far so once i get them all done i should be at the diamonds lol. and im already at ruby tier token cards

historic dom:

24 tokens per division * 6 --> 144 tokens
historic east stars: 16 tokens
historic west stars: 16 tokens
historic NBA stars: 23 tokens
getting 33 stars in historic: 10 tokens

summary: 209 tokens

all time dom:

3 tokens per game: 90 tokens
30 tokens per division: 180 tokens
getting 33 stars in all time: 15 tokens


If last 3 teams of historic gives 55 in total all time should give even more, things looking juicy.


How bout last 3 dom games in all time and total in 20’ domination altogether?

20’s domination is 36 tokens and last 3 dom games to see rewards you have to clear all the way thru to see it :sweat_smile:

awe damn rip i forgot. there are people who beat it tho already