Toronto is CURSED

1918: Toronto wins its first Stanley Cup 1919: Stanley Cup cancelled

1992-93: Toronto wins its first World Series 1994: World Series cancelled

2019: Toronto wins its first NBA Championship 2020: NBA Championship cancelled


Factually they’re still NBA champs. Not to mention they’re in Giannis sweepstakes.



Kawhi f-ed the Spurs over and the league did nothing.
Everyone laughed as the Spurs imploded and wrote endless articles about how the streak is over.

Then CIA Pop intervened.
No playoffs for the Lakers, 8th year in a row.


I feel like not enough are talking about how Giannis is possibly about to leave the bucks and change the entire league

Except he won’t because he’s grateful and cut from a different cloth than all these divas.


Anyone who thinks Giannis is “about lo leave the Bucks”, especially after the latest events, is completely clueless.


So this whole thing is Canada’s fault???

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They’ll deny they ever said anything when Giannis stays

Everyone thought KD’s a darling in OKC. You don’t know until you know.

It’s definitely a possibility. Did he say he wasn’t going to leave recently or something?

No, he didn’t.
Stop reading clickbait articles from trash sources.

He said like 2 years ago that he would think about playing elsewhere if they weren’t winning and now they’re the best team in the league.

I’m not reading any articles haha I just know when pat Riley lays his rings on the table and he has a chance to live in Miami and play with bam and jimmy butler that he’ll probably give a hard look at it

Not to mention that the cap could be reduced because of current situation and Bucks can offer him 250!!! million deal this summer.

Celtics can lay down more rings and offer Tatum Brown and Kemba

Giannis said himself he COULD come to LA.


Are you saying as a trade or just selling him on who’s going to play with? I was thinking Miami because I think they can clear the space for him. I’d want him as a Celtics fan obviously haha

GSW finals streak still alive!!! :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


I won’t deny it. It’s not really that serious. Just a prediction, no reason to call people clueless because they have a different opinion than you.