Toronto Fan Controversies

Now, they’re cussing at Steph’s Mom?



People lose there minds in Canada when there team wins (or is close) it doesn’t happen often, but we will always say sorry

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My view towards raptors fans completely flipped. After game four I was praising them for staying after the win and taking over Oracle arena and now I view them as assholes

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When foreigners find 6ixbuzz :weary:


It was an emotional night just chill bro, ya’ll Americans really reaching. Look at yourselves first. This is not indicative of Canadians in general, every population has some bad eggs. Us Canadians are not assuming that all Americans are Trump supporters for example. Hate that everyone is just trying to find a reason to hate Raptor fans


I mean, there’s been a ton of video footage of some awful shit. The guy using vulgarities towards Ayesha Curry on live tv. The cheering of KD. The sucker punching. This. That’s crazy for one f’n game man

:rofl: lightweight shit come to Philly


At this point hate us if you want to


Man said that’s baby food !

On a serious note, I hear Canadians are reallllllly friendly in all actuality lol

Eagles fans are… SCUMMY AF lmao

All from a Instagram account handled by teenagers which is famous for its ratchet ass content

Fuck those idiots

Durant shouldnt have played. mannnnnnnnn. We wont see durant play until playoffs next year. That sucks


GSW ruining the current and future NBA

Bob Myers crying was sketchy af , he knew he told the training staff to clear kd or something he was acting suspect af


Yeah, that made me ponder the risk they knew was involved. Kerr repeatedly saying “the doctors told us he couldn’t do any further damage”, was a tad implicating as well. Like something doesn’t add up. The guy evidently went through movements on the court just a few days prior, and Jalen Rose reported he looked terrible and that it basically couldn’t have been worse. Then he suits up? Crazy


I guess big enough general topic to warrant its own thread. But as I wrote in another thread, regarding this video:

It’s nonsensical to stereotype a vast, heterogenous group by the actions of a few random ostensible members of the group.

I don’t know what possesses someone to hostilely yell vulgarities at people for the sole reason that they are parents of the player of an “opposing” sports team, but I also don’t know why someone would interpret this as being somehow typical of Raptors fans.

Be mindful of what you post in this thread, especially. We don’t allow personal attacks or insults and we do not allow trolling/posting inflammatory stuff that is meant to incite angry reaction.

If people are making blanket stereotyping statements of entire groups of people, based upon the actions of a few, that will be considered trying to start shit.



Bob Myers : Will KD Play in game 5 Monday ?

Med staff : he’s still 2 months away from on court activities

Joseph Lacob : word is KD is headed to the big apple come free agency , we are down 3-1 and are at risk of losing everything that we worked for , i need KD to be available for game 5

Bob Myers : I’m going to need to you to downplay the nature of the injury in preparation for a game 5 return

Med Staff : Sure boss

“Clears KD “

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Wait. Wtf.