Top snipers in the NBA this year

I was looking through some regular season stats on and wanted to see who the top 3p shooters by 3p% were this season. The only filter I added was 3PA >= 300.

  • KAT in the top 10 is bonkers
  • Joe Harris is needs to be nerfed
  • Danny Green having a career year
  • Landry Shamwow Shamet
  • Buddy Hield 43.2% on 579 attempts!!!
  • Three Spurs in the top 13 really surprised me

Can you set also some date restrictions? I would like to know Klay since 2019. He started super bad, so he is probably going bonkers since the new year.

Here is Jan 1 to present on >=150 attempts


Base 8 Joe Harris

Rudy is shooting close to 42% as well. And Iā€™m happy for Danny his efficiency was horrible the last 2-3 years lol

Colin Sexton low key having an insane 2nd half


Interesting to see PG has taken a good amount more than the second in attempts

Heres the full list of players with >= 500 attempts on the year

Oh shit jk i read that wrong re: PG

I was worried at first but seeing some more potential in him

yeah he obviously has major issues on defense but Cavs need to give him the green light. 43% on 175 attempts in 2019. If he doubled his attempts while maybe shooting 37% instead seems like a good trade off.

Harden nearly averaging a point a minute

@Knezius is top sniper


Bro. I saw the thread title and immediately decided this was going to be my response. Well played sir. Well played.

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KAT jumped out to me immediately also ā€“ great job for him

something to keep in mind is the type of shots each of these players are taking i.e. CJ mccollum is taking much tougher shots than PJ tucker but cool stats nonetheless