Top Elite Players with the best dribble animations?

Everyone has their style of play pretty much cemented at this point of the game. And since I’ve been a big mypark player, I’m a huge fan of using the sticks for dribbling to either create space for the pass or the shot.

Anyone have any recommendations on the best ball handlers?

I really like KD, Kyrie and Penny. Kyrie is my favorite except for when I have to guard Giannis at point on the other side.

True. His 97 card right? I was using his amy with dynamic duo that boosted him to a diamond and he was great. And tbh at this point in the game, I don’t mind using a real pg at the pg position . If ppl wana cheese that’s cool. I just want to have fun lol and breaking ankles and scoring at will with a small point is FUN!

Wall and Westbrook among real PGs.

I have been using russ and he’s great, I’m just not a fan of his shot. I’ll have to give Wall a try. I’m sure his diamond will be pretty cheap with the PD release.

Always shoot moving with him, much easier also He is the best fadeaway mid shooter next to Jordan and Kobe.

I definitely noticed his moving shot was much quicker. I’ve just had him in my roster for the past 2 weeks or so, so I’m looking to try out as many great dribblers!

Eddie jones is a must

Damn! He never even popped up on my radar. His Ball Control only being at 92… Good stepback? Behind the back or just all around good dribbling?

Yeah the 97, which boosts him to a PD with LeBron. He hits every midrange shot and shakes fools.

Geez… If I could pull the PD Lebron that would be sick. I’d def recreate that Cavs Championship team. Any idea how much his PD is going for?

That’s exactly what I have except now I’m stupidly grinding for this new Love. Hopefully I can get it.

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All around nice, his moves are quick and easy to chain together

What is your preferred size up? Then I can tell you who has it. Pippen has normal. 4, i like that. Some has the pro 3 as well. If your a sidestep hesi escape guy. Or if you want the moving hesi 5, some has them. But it’s quite rare. Pippen has it for Example. And he has the nice behind the back as end of combo.
Overall package wise I’d say pippen, magic, George and durant. Wall is good as well, Wall has his own animation package

Edit: you can see their package In the normal Roster editor, just look through the players