Top defensive PFs this year?

Looking for a great defender that has a good relase at the 4

Im using Siakam, AK47 as my PF’s


I like to run Wiseman at the 4, but if you don’t like him there then Siakam and Ak are the best for that role.

Pf with great or best defense are ak47, hakeem glitched, wallace opal and russel oop.

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Best ones I’ve used are ak47,mchale and the c /pf Olajuwon

kg and giannis

What about McHale?

If you are looking at ones in the auction house I’d say Wiseman, Siakam, AK47, or Bosh

Okongwu has goated tendencies

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KG + Giannis.

AK47 is ELITE defensive PF (Giannis is a no brainer as well)


Imo wallace is the best defensive pf. If you add his release, he becomes one of the best 3nDs to play both at sf/pf (i use him at pf)

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onyeku is top defender and quick release. cheap too

I run oop AK47 at the 4 and dude is nothing short of amazing.

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Bill Russell

Hakeem glitched is nice on Defense. Feels like how opal 12-0 wilt kind of played when he first dropped. He’s my starting PF. My bench is Yi jianlian and he’s probably the best rebounder on my team, and one of the best at closing out on the corner for contests and blocks.

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I’m feeling Hakeem as well. Beast on D. On and off ball

7 foot demigod pro 2 tween pro 2 size up

Fade 3
Hook 3


Kevin Garnett is a monster

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