Top cards

Your top 3 per position ? I’m really curious this year we have a lot of options , and we will have so many opinions depending of gameplan and how we want certain position to work in game .
For me
PGs : Lamelo , Lebron , Thon ( not guarding ball )
SGs : Edward , Wade , Rice
SFs : Kawhi , Bird , Rudy
PFs : Giannis, Ak , Siakam
Cs :Wiseman , Kareem , Embiid

I probably forgetting someone , all this cards have different roles ans for sure is the way a normally use the position and the cards .
I’m thinking of SG like 3 pt hunters and bAll handlers a lot of time , when I have Thon running ball I would use like Edward or even Kawhi at the 2 to have have more locks .
I’m not thinking of a squad , just top players by positioning way i view the game!
Edit :
Jordan should be here too , he has pro 6 top Defense and a very nice jumper .


Turrble list.

Pg and derozan better than rice for me only thing about rice is his cheesy shooting

Terrible ? I don’t think so , it’s the probably don’t fit your taste but all the cards are crazy good without discussion ahah

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It’s a terrible list. End of story.


27 blocks away, but from his stats and what lots are saying Opal Ben Wallace seems to be a favorite?

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I like derozan a lot too , it’s a good point but it’s more safe for me base 98 … PG it’s a meh IMO

I forget that one , he is a top glue guy for sure .
And now he can 3 pt hunt

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Can’t wait to evolve him. Should be good over the weekend after I’ve finished this night shift:)

Okongwu probably is super amazing , that jumper kind destroy his role as a top 3 and D

My list:

PG: Magic, Payton, Wade
SG: Kobe, Rice, Tmac
SF: Larry, Durant, Scottie
PF: Giannis, B. Russell, Hakeem
C: DRob, Gasol, Jokic.


PG: Thon, Lamelo, Tmac
SG: Kawhi, Rice, KD
SF: Bird, Rudy, Odom
PF: Giannis, AK, Siakam
C: Wiseman, Kareem, Embiid


Now THIS is a list I agree with. Not terrible.

We very close ahah

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Another list that isn’t terrible.



I agree with @Pedronqneves and @Clarke_Griffin


very deliberate. i respect the methodology

  1. TMac is the top SG.
  2. AK is overrated.
  3. Kareem is the best C.

AK is only underrated , he costs like 60 k and he is perfect
All the good animations and stats


Have you even used any of these cards :face_with_monocle: