Top Budget Cards [2021-04-02] [@Floki5000]

Hey! Hope this helps! Very often I am asked for lineup advice, well here it is… I like to play with cheap cards mostly, and would have a hard time recommending anyone pay more than 100K for any given card.

Remember to have fun with the game, and take it easy on yourself if you’re losing. Avoid toxic behaviors like pausing, stalling, and vulgar trash talk.

On the other side of the coin, it is acceptable for an opponent who is losing to want to complete the game. Let’s not get mad at another player for not being as skilled as you. While it is NICE when someone quits when they are being flooded… Let’s avoid flopping, pressing, or otherwise making it an UN-Fun experience for them. Your life is not on the line. Your reputation is not on the line. Nothing that you do in this game will matter much to anyone besides you.

I appreciate the energy this community brings, and am thankful for your support!



Thanks @Floki5000!!!

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How does the price scale work for your graphic breakdowns? The cards are listed from cheapest to most expensive correlating with the scale?

Yep! Its just a rough guide for where their price will fall, and the value I see on playstation when searching up the cheapest available of each card.

The cards are evenly spaced, and it’s not scientific, more of just a “Look what you can get inside this price range” and then sorted by effectively best value to worst value, although someone like PD sabonis is in no way a worse value than anyone else in the PD tier.

An art, not a science I suppose :stuck_out_tongue: