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Any advice or guide for dribble packages and animations? I have a jump shot that I found on here that I’m happy with, but don’t know where to start on the dribbling

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It’s personal preference. Pick some players you like dribbling with in myteam and then go into roster editor and see what their dribble moves are.

Pretty much one of universal agreed best behind the back is probably pro 3. But after that it really comes down to what you like. If you like D Wade’s dribbles go check him out, like Jamal Crawford, go check him out. Check trae young, steph curry, Kyrie, literally go through all the ball handlers animations and explore what they use.

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Yeah pro 3 or normal 3 if you can’t access pro for behind the back.

But some people really like pro 1 and 2. Pro/normal 3 for moving crossover tends to be best as well. Iverson dribble style gives you the “fast momentum” for speedboosting I believe.

I think those are the most meta dribble animations. The rest are probably more personal preference.

One thing to be conscience of, for your triple threat style, it actually matters for corner 3 builds. Make sure you use one with good set feet, and not one that has a built in mini jab step. That will bring you over the 3pt line. I like triple threat style 8 (the MJ one). Feet never move. One of the WNBA ones is like that too.